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Issue VI

January | 2019



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by | dylan manderlink

Two and a half years ago I decided to move to this magical desert place. Moab caught my eye in June 2013 from a public transit bus seat headed to an organic vineyard in Monticello from the airport in Salt Lake. As someone who originally hails from the Northeast...

by | sock beachum

This is my 3rd time writing about punk, this time for The Dust, and I found myself going back, remembering why I got into punk, what it meant at first, and just going back in time in an effort to give an overview.

Sock Beachum in his younger punk days, s



by | mitchell stevens

Thank you, Mom,

For showing me your kitchen

by | parker marlow

oh sweet weeping

nocturne! you: holy


by | Jack litterst

We rode on a golden ship.

There were many islands.

Great sloping swells of green.



by | Rachel Kunelsman

I come from a family of hard workers who believe that work comes before play. My parents both went to college and once they graduated they immediately sought out jobs in their field of study and to this day still work those jobs....

by | kevin niehaus

Here I lay, with the cool relief of the rock beneath me, listening to the trickle of canyon wrens and the sweet song of pouring waters. I watch as skies drift past red rocks that tower like Kings, their overhangs grown heavy with streams of green life...


by | Jojo Matson

When the final drop of blazing Sun vanished the air at the bottom of the canyon immediately cooled. Something darts past. A dragonfly, racing to get to the show....

by | befour brannigan

Today is a day of reflection, realization, continuity, separation, anxiety, emotion and peace.
There is no group today



by | Pete Apicello

Pete Apicello provides his unique and refreshing commentary on life in Moab with a new, monthly cartoon.

I have the opportunity to be inspired daily by nature and to visit places like beautiful Moab for changes in terrain.

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