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Issue IV

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Cha tori

by |

It’s not going to get better - he’s not going to get better. What does it mean to really understand this statement?
It is hard....

Makeda Barkley

by |

The experience of running away from your problems can provide one of two things: further problems or healing. For this young woman, her escape to the desert offers the opportunity for healing and belonging. This is not the story of a rescue or a passive solution, but instead the beginning of a long journey.


dick toll

by |

Continuing his series on desert flora and fauna, “This month, “Liz” shares the details from life as a lizard.

by |

Seamus cronin

A vulnerable and heartfelt piece prose, follow the author as they share the struggle of coming into their own and trusting the world around them.




by |

Jack Litterst

I met a stranger.

She lowered herself from the tallest           treetop anywhere.

When she embraced me I almost           became a missile.




befour brannigan

by |

If each life is an organism moving in all directions on a plane shared by endless trillions of other organisms from the three kingdoms; plant, animals...

by |

pragmatic wolf

Submit to your imagination briefly, close your eyes and think of a jungle far back in time that is filled with wild beasts. Feel the weakness from lack of nutrition and sleep. Dwell in the constant unknown...


ryan pohl

by |

Some conversations don’t need to start with “are you…” but instead “where are you…” and “when are you...” That was the case every day for many years when it came to my BMX bike. BMX was my passion...

by |

Jojo matson

Lately I’ve been going out on really long walks and i’ve thought a lot about a lot. Today at sunrise I ran down to the Colorado for another swim and got back to the top in time for lunch...