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The soundtrack of the desert is born from the heart of the area's local musicians.

The Tiny Stoop Concert Series

showcases these very artists in their natural habitat:

just stoopin' it surrounded by friends old and new enjoying lukewarm cans of PBR on hot Moab evenings.


Slim Pickins

On a chilly fall day in November of 2018, Slim Pickins graced the Tiny Stoop and delivered a rousing show to a bundled but enthusiastic crowd. Though their fingers went numb as the sun set behind the cliffs, their tunes were warm and lively.

Born in Utah's Canyon Country, Slim Pickins brings high-energy bluegrass, Americana and roots music to the Colorado Plateau and beyond. Deeply rooted in traditional acoustic music, the band stays true to its beginnings while seamlessly venturing across musical genres and styles.



Previous artists


Parker James Marlow

Raised in Georgia and transplanted to Moab, UT, self-described 'desert-poet' Parker Marlow blends intricate guitar work and haunting vocals to create a raw and heartfelt sound. On September 15th, 2018 Marlow played the Tiny Stoop for their first concert since returning to Moab for the 2018 season.


From Romania and Mexico, Esty Pinto and Vlad Dandu started playing together while living in Chiapas, Mexico and have been in Moab for the past 4 years. They play live and loop electronic punk rock in Spanish and English with drum-bass, electric guitar and accordion.


They desperately need to properly record their stuff in the near future.


Taking influence from Folk, Blues, Bluegrass Haley Noel's performances pair banjo with heartfelt and poignant vocals. Banjo tunes ranging from wistful to upbeat provide the backdrop for lyrics highlighting adventures of love, joy, and sadness with themes of admiration for the land, whiskey, and dancing throughout.


No Show Cadillac, otherwise known as Connor Scaro, is a ramblin' musician from Milwaukee who dropped out of college and started hitchhiking around the country aimlessly. Eventually, he fell into the Moab whirlpool, where he considers himself happily stuck.