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The soundtrack of the desert is born from the heart of the area's local musicians. The Tiny Stoop Concert Series showcases these very artists in their natural habitat: just stoopin' it surrounded by friends old and new enjoying lukewarm cans of PBR on a warm, sunny Moab evening. 


The Dust's first official Tiny Stoop Concert was filmed on June 23, 2018, on the stoop of the well-known and well-loved 86 house. Featured was No Show Cadillac, a songwriting, guitar-playing, overall musical delight known for his constantly evolving folk-rock sound.


No Show Cadillac played a few of his original tunes as well as an old folklore song that blended seamlessly with his grooving style. He mesmerized his audience as he easily flowed his way up and down the neck of his guitar. 


Stay tuned for more monthly Tiny Stoop Concerts, growing in size and production value as we expand our grassroots, collaborative team while remaining true to the down to earth, front porch feel of the series.


Special thanks to No Show Cadillac and to everyone who came out for the first of the series. We look forward to hosting more!

CHECK him OUT @ www.noshowcadillac.com


Set List: 1  Just A MomentWritten by No Show Cadillac 2 Pretty Town Written by No Show Cadillac

3 Gutless Blues Written by No Show Cadillac 4 St. James Infirmary  Old Folklore Song

No Show Cadillac, otherwise known as Connor Scaro, is a ramblin' musician from Milwaukee who dropped out of college and started hitchhiking around the country aimlessly. Eventually, he fell into the Moab whirlpool, where he considers himself happily stuck.

Photos by Hassnaa