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Letters to the Editor

Jenna Talbott

August 6, 2018

Dear editor,


I would like to add some information to your article on Wellfest, for which you interviewed me over Facebook while I was out of town. 


The previous discussions we had about Wellfest were at a meeting held at my house before I left, when I passed the event off to Jacque Garcia, Brett Hardin, Kira Withrow, and one other person who prefers not to be named. 


The idea to specifically raise funds for a well for the Land came from Dailey Haren over 6 months ago, and MGME booked the first musician for the two day fundraiser shortly after Dax agreed to host a small event on the Land. This was to be the 3rd fundraiser that MGME has put on for the Land over the years, and I’m not sure the collective efforts is captured in this article. 


This is important because of the number of people who have put so much time and energy into making MGME possible over the years, and who hope to see it continue to evolve. 


Wellfest was never going to function as a MGME “exchange” event proper, due to its nature as a fundraiser (since MGME’s proper are exchanges between the artists and show goers, and don’t raise money directly for any cause).  


The four leaders did an incredible job taking the reins, dreaming big, starting a new LLC (the Land Collective), and carrying out Wellfest. I just get a sense from the article that MGME is presented as an entity of the past that faded out because “MGME kind of forgot about the community that was hosting the space and putting all this on, and the space got kind of junked up sometimes.” (Quote from Brett Hardin)


I find that implication, coupled with the skewed genesis of Wellfest, confusing and unfair to the continuous flow of energy that is shaped by the same community and funneled into the Land. 


Under whatever umbrella these desert parties function, they all are humble festivals that work directly with Dax at the Land. Every event held at the Land has contributed to its development, based on his vision. I don’t know where the lines are drawn between “us” and “them” and “the Land,” but my favorite thing about MGME is that it has embraced everyone who participates and has an open door policy with meetings for future goals and feedback. 


Dax states that he will be throwing future MGMEs, with or without any individual names, including my own. On that note, I did not "throw one event every month”—I am the founder and spokesperson for that series of desert parties that require a shit ton of creative people who are willing to get down and dirty.


To be more clear than I was in the article, MGME ran it’s course into a hiatus due to a non-MGME event busting the stage (it was fucking awesome and the best way to bust a stage that needed to be rebuilt anyway!) and compromising the parking situation for the Land (which was not their fault). 


Anyway, MGME built the first stage and funded the new stage, building it with an assembly of folks from different pockets of the community. In the words of Dailey Haren, “People didn’t loose sight, we were continually and intimately tied to the Land’s vision.” Haren also contributes that “people didn’t start coming to the Land just because ‘Dax was a kind hearted kid.’ It was a purposeful and intentional and a dream of his to create a commune space to share."


Dax says he wants to wait to hold large events until the Land is ready. In the meantime, the same intentions, as mentioned in the article, will continue to flow through different outlets, such as MGME, the Land Collective, and whatever other umbrellas we bring to the mirage beach party, and I hope everyone feels appreciated and welcome.


Thank you for your coverage in our little community!



Jenna Talbott

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